Apr 28, 2014

An End to Radio Silence

It's been awhile. Not because I have been too busy, or have nothing new going on, or have no thoughts in my mind. In fact I have been spending significantly less time watching TV (especially in the evenings where it's been replaced with reading), we went on a short spring break trip to the Texas coast, and the thoughts in my head are ever-present and overflowing, just perhaps not clear and concise and coherent enough to find the words to share.

To be honest, every time I even think about sitting down to write a post, I realize I'm not even sure what's been on my mind, or that the thoughts in my head are all jumbled and mixed together and the words just aren't clear. It's the words, the words are elusive.

The pregnancy has been going well, with the biggest highlight a passing grade on my glucose screening test. I was disproportionately thrilled by the results, expecting to fail because with both first two pregnancies I missed passing by a few points and was banished to repeat the test with twice as much liquid and three hours at the doctor. I can not describe the wretchedness that one must drink for this test. Only that the flavors are orange, lemon/lime, and fruit punch, which because I had to drink five different times I can expertly report they are all equally awful. And that the sweetness is nothing I have ever experienced before -- not in a good way. (This coming from someone who loves sugary coffee drinks and almost any type of dessert.)

Spring appears to finally be coming out of hiding, formerly lurking in the dark corners of the snow piles, occasionally teasing us with one sixty degree day here and there. Of course, as I currently write this we are at the beginning of a chilly and rainy week and even though I see the grass greening up, I stare out the window and long for a way to transport our life (and families) to San Diego.

We are in the middle of major transitions in our house, including, but not limited to, the musical bedrooms we play as we prepare space for our newest family member. And while we paint and rearrange toys and move furniture, I am eager to purge our house (and life) of unneeded, unused, and unwanted items. The amount of stuff that we have feels suffocating and I am itching to get it out of the house. Perhaps this is also part of the spring weather (Spring Cleaning?) and pregnancy (Nesting?).

Despite my silence on the blog, things have been continuing on here, with a lot less silence in the day-to-day, and in my mind. I am hopeful that I can give myself more space and time to write, even if it's only in a journal. The writing and photography seem to be a perpetual state of neglect lately (the last few years?) and I am scrambling to nourish and fertilize those interests more regularly.

Happy Spring!

xoxo, christine

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