Hello and Welcome!

My name is Christine.

I have three daughters who bring me endless joy and a multitude of frustrations. In between our second and third we lost two babies. The first was an early miscarriage July 2011 and the second was the death of our son, Calvin John, who was stillborn at six-and-a-half months in August 2013. We are still learning what it means to exist without him.

We live in Minnesota, and even though I would love to live somewhere near the ocean (and with milder temperature changes), we are close to our families, which is truly a gift.

I am a traveler by heart, a love I hope to pass on to my kids. I also dabble in the manual mode on my camera, ever striving to take better and better photos of my smiling daughters.

Two of my favorite things to do are reading and writing, especially while enjoying a warm coffee. Unfortunately, since becoming a mother I read and write less and drink reheated coffee more.

I write mostly about my experiences mothering our three girls, what we're up to or what I'm struggling with, occasionally I'll include other things on my mind. Mostly, I'm a rambler.

Aside from being a wife and a mother, I only know who and what I'm not, still trying to figure out who I actually am. When I take the time to still my mind, I realize I am searching for where and how I fit into this big world.

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, christine

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