Dec 4, 2014

Feed Me...Or Not

Given my sweet baby's deliciously rolly thighs and her love of nursing almost as often as a one-month-old, I was kind of expecting her to delight in being offered the next Big Thing in food. Rice Cereal.

We've been in no real rush to start her on solids, but the past week or so she's seemed particularly annoyed with us at meal times, which started us wondering if perhaps her irritation was that we were eating things she wasn't.

Her reaction to the rice cereal was less than pleased. Perhaps she was expecting to get some turkey tetrazzini like the rest of us.

I remember that her sisters had a difficult time getting the concept of eating something off a spoon. This was not Nora's problem. She just really didn't seem to like what she was getting.

Which was confirmed by her facial expressions and gags.

Sorry, Baby. You're stuck with rice cereal for a little while yet.

xoxo, christine

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