May 18, 2015

Take on the World: Truth Telling Tuesday

I watch the Disney Channel.

There, I said it. I admit it.

It's not, I watch the Disney Channel with my kids. And it's not even I found myself continuing to watch the Disney Channel after my kids left the room. I actually watch the Disney Channel. On purpose. By myself.

The truth is, I don't really pay attention to most of the shows, but I've found myself really enjoying Girl Meets World. Okay, more than just enjoying it. I sat down and sought out Girl Meets World via On Demand last night. I can't help it. I realize it's cutsey and a more a little ridiculous at times, yet there's something about the show that comforts me.

Maybe it's the fact that there's so much on tv that I can't (or won't) watch. Lately, I am so sensitive about television that I have no desire to watch dramas that are serious and depressing, and crime shows scare me so much that I end up awake in bed imagining all the terrible things that might happen. Most of the comedies are on before my kids are in bed (therefore too early for me to watch) and the travel/home improvement shows leave me feeling like I should be unhappy with my life/home. I'm not left with a lot of choices for quality programing.

Of course, one might argue that for a thirty-three-year-old-woman a teeny bopper show from Disney Channel does not qualify as quality programing either...

The thing is, the story of Girl Meets World is kind of a continuation of a story that was started when I was a kid, and although I never watched the original show (Boy Meets World), I like that these characters feel somewhat familiar. I like that these kids who were kids when I was, now have kids of their own, and we get to continuing following their story.

I know. I hear myself too. It's okay to laugh.

I find it a little hard to believe myself. But I like it. I won't deny it. I like that it is light-hearted and silly and everything gets neatly wrapped up in a little bow by the end. I make enough stress and discomfort and drama in my life all on my own, I don't need to add it via television too. At least not right now. I'm too tired right now for extra drama.

I am perfectly content with my campy Disney Channel show, thankyouverymuch.

Now if you'll excuse me, I might have something I need to go watch.

xoxo, christine

****"Take on the World" is the theme song for the show. 

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