Jan 12, 2013

Maybe I Should Eat a Big Juicy Steak

I have been Dragging. Yes, with a capital D. I find it miraculous that we made it out of the house at all, let alone to preschool drop off on time this week. The few times I was out without the girls I was able to find some energy, but as soon as I stepped back into our house, as soon as I sat down, I felt completely and utterly drained.

I have been struggling. Not with emotions, not really, just with not being able to feel anything other than limp and lifeless. My body feels heavy, my limbs weak, my head is permanently on snooze. I'm not in any rush to find answers because I'm sure the mystery lies in my monthly 'friend' making a bi-monthly appearance lately. Somehow for a non meat eating woman, losing twice the amount of blood per month just seems like a recipe for low hemoglobin. Cue the iron supplements.

I know I'll start feeling like my old tired, but not quite so-iron-deficient-exhausted, self soon. But, in the mean time, I should probably work on getting more sleep. Or getting to bed earlier. Or getting to bed earlier, sleeping later, and taking many many naps. (I know, I know, my husband might argue that this does not sound that different than my "usual" self. And to that I have nothing to say. *sticking tongue out*)

Anyway, I'm using this as an excuse as to why I've been a little more quiet than usual. I'm too weak to type. (But certainly not to weak to check Facebook. Which, by the way, if I haven't mentioned before you can follow And it is Love on Facebook. Shameless, I know.)

I'm off to pop some ferrous sulfate.



  1. Iron supplements are not good on my belly no matter what I try. Maybe some spinach and kale smoothies blended with some of your favorite fruits will help too.
    Hope you are feeling better soon! xo

  2. Yeah, that's kind of why I've been a little hesitant to take an iron supplement. It's rough on my insides. So maybe extra spinach is a better idea. :)


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