Jan 27, 2013

It's Sunday Night

It is 8:55pm and I am just now sitting down to breathe. Which is okay, because it was a productive weekend and so this exhaustion I feel somehow feels rewarding. It's different than my usual, every-day exhaustion, you know? All those days I'm too tired to do anything more productive than fold one load of laundry or wash one sink of dishes or even just nothing aside from keep the kids fed and well until the evening. That is the exhaustion that is frustrating and annoying and leaves me feeling even more blah than I already started. When I have exhaustion followed by a day (or weekend) of productivity, it's almost welcomed exhaustion. I don't know, maybe I can't explain it.

So we rearranged the girls' room this weekend. There was some contemplation about taking down the sides on Paige's crib, after an incident or two of her climbing out, but after moving her makeshift ladder (the toybox) away from her bed, we managed to avoid the necessary evil a few more days/weeks/months.

And, we're getting some snow today, which I suppose is a good thing for January in Minnesota. I decided that I don't mind the snow so much as the cold. Today felt fairly mild compared to the frigid air earlier this week, which makes the snow not so bad. (I'm still pretty thrilled to be going to San Diego this spring though.)

In other news, my husband is aching for me to write a post about our project from last year now that is pretty much done (but even still has VERY minor finishing touches), so you can look forward to that later this week.

Anyway, the weekend is over, I am taking a deep breath, contemplating an early bedtime, and gearing up for the week. Pretty much what I do every Sunday night.


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