Mar 19, 2013

California Girls

It was only the second time the girls were on an airplane, but they acted liked old pros with their seat-belts and bubble gum and switching around to sit with their cousins. They brushed my worry aside with their ability to handle a flight almost twice a long as their first.

San Diego welcomed us with its warm sun, and even though it wasn't the seventies and eighties we were hoping for, the sixties and partly sunny was a delight compared to the alternative of eleven inches of snow and twenty degree temperatures back home. Before we even arrived, I fully expected to fall in love with San Diego, and it didn't so much as steal my heart as I happily and quite willingly gave it away.

The trip was as close to perfect as any vacation can come. While seeing a live dolphin and baby panda were the favorites of my girls, this mama was overjoyed when we finally made it to the beach. I was exploding excitement (something I do not regularly do), and squealed at the endless sand, rolling waves, and blue blue blue of the water merging into sky and going on forever.

I'm pretty sure we squeezed in way to much for our two young girls (evident by the fact that Paige slept through dinner the first four nights), but the thrill of being with the cousins! and whales! and koalas! and cheetahs! and sand! and sun! and what's next!? kept them going on fumes right up till we got home.

My mood was more than sour when we left, and I even might've glared at a few of the people checking into the hotel the day we checked out. Coming home to the cold and snow of Minnesota felt like a slap in the face, even though I knew exactly what I was coming home to. And now we just try to get back into our old routine. (And I spend endless amounts of time trying to plan our next warm-weather destination vacation.)


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