Mar 26, 2013

Random Ramblings

My husband informed me tonight that I need to update my blog. And since I always do exactly as he says, here I am. (And for those of you who don't realize, yes, I am kidding.) But, lest I lose any of my five whole readers, I suppose I might not want to go so long between posts. (Please still love me...)


Even though winter is officially over and Spring is here (uh, sort of), the winter doldrums have not quite passed us by. I think it's the snow. It's everywhere. And a constant reminder of how Springy it is not here. Luckily, the massive ice chunks in our driveway are slowly disappearing as they melt in the sun, which at least gives me hope that the end of this dreadful winter is in sight.

The girls seem to be squirrely and I fluctuate between wanting to get out of the house and wanting to stay in my pajamas (and even in bed) all day long, or even all the rest of the months until the snow and cold are gone. It's hard to know which will win each day.


My sister and her husband are flying into town later this week for a big family Easter Extravaganza. Well, it might not be an 'extravaganza' per say, but when you get the entire family together in one place, for one holiday, it's a pretty darn big and special deal, so by golly I'm calling it our Easter Extravaganza. Plus it's alliteration and you can never go wrong with alliteration. (By the way, don't you just love 'by golly'? I think I need to start using that more.)

I think I'm getting spoiled with how frequently I've gotten to see her this year, which is wonderful and also makes me want to go out and visit her again this summer. I was pricing out tickets this week and decided I'd better get extra hugs while she's hear and be better about Skyping, because (by golly) tickets are, ouch, not in our price range at the moment.


My challenge for you? Find an opportunity to use 'by golly' tomorrow. I dare you. :p

My challenge for myself? Write a more interesting post before this week comes to an end. Sheesh. You'd think I could do better than bemoaning the weather, AGAIN.

And since this was not the most exciting of posts, I'll leave you with a photo as a consolation.

We dress for Spring even when it's 20 degrees outside.

Sleep Tight.


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