Nov 24, 2013

The Wizard of Oz and Black Friday

We are sitting downstairs watching The Wizard of Oz. The girls are tucked snug in bed, dreaming of dance parties and whipped cream and a long weekend with family.

There is something comforting about the movie. About the familiar music from my childhood: rainbows and brains and hearts. About Dorothy's sweet disposition and innocence.

There is something simple. And I am missing simple.

I am sad that Thanksgiving is becoming overshadowed by Black Friday. Or rather, that Black Friday is a black hole that is expanding and expanding and expanding. Don't get me wrong, I've partaken in, and even enjoyed Black Friday. I will do it again this year because every year we are with my husband's family for Thanksgiving the women go out on Black Friday. I enjoy it more for the time spent with these special women than for the actual shopping, but we've done it several years and will go out again this year. It's part of our holiday tradition. I LOVE holiday tradition.

But for some reason, maybe this is just a natural part of getting older (and let's just say "wiser" for arguments sake), the whole consumerism and commercialism of the holiday season is getting to me. My shoulders feel heavy, I feel burdened by our society that puts so much importance on stuff and things.

I miss simple.

I want more simple.

I will go out on Black Friday. I will drink a warm coffee, wait in long lines, and enjoy making more memories of our tradition of braving the crowds. But I pledge that this year and every year, I will not go out shopping on Thanksgiving.

What is so important about this holiday of thanks is being with the people you are most thankful for. I want to be with those people. And I want the employees at Wal Mart (and other various stores) to be with their families too.

I may seem hypocritical, desiring simplicity and less consumerism yet taking part in Black Friday. I'd like to think of it more as one of my many complexities (even oxymorons) that make me human. Besides, like I said, I'm a sucker for tradition.

Here's to "more simple" for us all.

xoxo, christine

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