Nov 20, 2014

Throwing It Back to One of My Favs

Looking at old photos can be fun, and light-hearted, and harmless. And it can also be very dangerous. While it's fun to relive happy moments from the past, it also stirs up overwhelming nostalgic melancholy. (Is that a real thing? It is now.)

As I was scouring through photos from the past couple years, I found myself wistfully reviewing our time in San Diego. Especially this time of year, when cold and snow and winter are just starting and we have a good five months with more of the same ahead of us, looking at those warm, beachy photos brings out a deep and desperate longing.

Ah, to have a warm weather destination vacation planned...

I'll just have to reminisce.

San Diego, March 2013

(Look at that beautiful wind blown hair and squints from the sun. Sigh.)

Hoping for dreams of sand, surf, and sun tonight.

xoxo, christine

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