Jul 14, 2012

Just Look At Our Fun

It's Saturday at 11:30pm, which means I'm reflecting on the week.  Or just gathering photos to make a collage for my weekly Project 365 post.  I love looking back at the pictures from the week and remembering some of our fun.

Hope had her first swimming lessons this week.  (I guess they're technically her second since she took a session when she was eighteen months old, but I feel like I can't really count that since she doesn't remember.)  I love to watch her learn new things and practice.  And pretend to dunk her head in the water, but only tip her head back so the back of her head and hair gets wet.

Paige has been cracking me up lately, too.  She's started using the word "actually" which is quite funny to hear out of her two-year-old mouth.  (A word she surly learned from her sister.)  And she's been making up her own little dance that always ends with a big leg kick.

Today I decorated some cookies in preparation for our trip to New York.  And we had a playdate at the beach with all the cousins.

It's been a good week, for sure.

Project 365 Week 28

Happy Weekend to all!


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