Oct 23, 2012

I Wish For Love

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My birthday is this week. And if I could have just one wish it would be for everyone to have more love. To feel more love, to express more love, to just be love.

I wish that there was less hate and anger and more love. Less indifference and hypocrisy and more love. That we could look at each other and see the good and love inside. That we could forgive more quickly, assume the best more readily, and love more easily.

And as I wish this, I wonder, is it harder to love, or to be love? Is the verb to love easier than the noun to be love? Because I know that as much as I love certain people, man, sometimes it is hard to act lovingly toward them. But then I also think the act of love is a bit easier than to be love, because if I am love than I will, of course, act lovingly.

To be love, is to give love. And to be love, means to give love to everyone, not just to people I think "deserve" that love.

If the world was love, peace would fall into place. If we are love it is our natural tendency to help more, to give more, to see the good more, to sacrifice more, to care about others more.

I wish for love. For you, for me, for my neighbor, for the crabby guy in the Starbucks line, for the driver who cut me off. For the world.


Also, my sister wrote a beautiful guest post for my birthday on Thursday. Please be sure to come back and check it out.

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  1. When it comes to hate and love, love always wins. That's just my opinion. Everybody deserves it in their lives. Even if its in small doses. Some have never felt it and don't know how to give it.

    It's never easy to love, but it is always worth it.


    1. I love that, yes, it's never easy to love, but always worth it. Thanks!

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    1. Thanks, Shell. And, as always, thanks for allowing me to "pour my heart out" with you. xo

  3. Happy Birthday and what a great wish for your birthday! I hope you have a great week and enjoy every minute. :)

    1. Thanks, Missy! It's been a fun week so far. I'm looking forward to doing more celebrating tonight and tomorrow. :)

  4. That's a prefect wish! Love is definitely an action and choice. Some people make it easy and *ahem* some people make it really really hard.

    1. Absolutely. There are always easy and hard times to love (sometimes even the same person). Thanks, Adrienne!


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