Apr 6, 2013

Today She is Three

Yesterday, she was two.

Two is still a toddler.

Two is giggles and snuggles and running away squealing.

Two is figuring out that she doesn't want to wear certain things and only wants to wear dresses. It is learning to ride a tricycle if even that only means pushing with her feet. Two is watching our every move and wanting to be 'just like Mommy'.

Two is deciding she wants to sit on the potty and then deciding she just wants to wear undies. It is looking in the mirror and telling herself she's beautiful. Two is twirling in a dress while declaring, I'm a princess!

Two is the sparkle in her eyes with every new experience and every new moment in her life. It is the excitement of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and getting candy at Halloween. Two is jumping up and down to show off just how high she can get.

Two is declaring she can do it herself and then a moment later asking for help. It is a lot of reminders of Please and Thank You, and lot of her remembering to say them on her own. Two is learning to play pretend with her older sister.

Two is testing the limits time and time again. It is crying and sighing and pouting and yelling. It is hugs and kisses and an infinite number of I Love Yous. Two is cuddling in bed and falling back asleep on early mornings.

Two is demanding a bedtime story only to walk away and play and then return to hear the very end. It is wanting to sit on a specific side of the car, every time we go somewhere. Two is pointing out the letter P every place she sees it (and even when it isn't actually a P).

Two is more adventurous in her eating than her older sister ever was. It is telling knock knock jokes that don't make any sense and laughing hysterically anyway. Two is constantly changing who she likes and dislikes even though her parents encourage her to always like her friends.

Two is covering her mouth to giggle and throwing back her head for a belly laugh. It is asking for water and teddy and potty and and and at bedtime to delay the door closing. Two is asking for her pacifier and then lifting her shirt to touch her belly whenever she is tired/sad/hungry/in the car/pretty much she just feels like.

Two is her first ride on an airplane (and her second). It is figuring out how to play games on the iPad without anyone teaching her. It is running to her daddy and telling him, Dad, I like your purple shirt, when he walks through the door after work.

Two is wanting to play outside but not get muddy. It is despising having her nose wiped. Two is loving to play in the bath but hating to be scrubbed.

Two is asking for a napkin to wipe up a dot of oatmeal on the table. It is delighting in every bird, squirrel, and puppy we see out the window. Two is running away screaming when Mommy tries to comb her hair.

Two is the joy of toddlerhood and the agony of toddlerhood. It is lots of hugs for no reason at all and throwing herself on the floor and crying for no reason at all. Two is a year full of love and wonder and memories made.

Yesterday she was two.

Today she is three.

Three is saying goodbye to the pacifier. It is transitioning to a big girl bed. Three is starting gymnastics this spring and preschool this fall. Three will be many wonderful things.

Happy Birthday to my Sweet P, Paige. May this year overflow with your love and laughter.


PS. I am devastated to be saying goodbye to the pacifier. And it's not because I'm worried about how she'll sleep (although I am worried about how she'll sleep). I just hate to take away something she uses as comfort. And I don't like admitting she's not a baby anymore.

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