Apr 14, 2013

Goodbye Weekend, Goodbye Spring

Update on the pacifier: I decided to give it Paige only at night, a decision that I know many probably do not agree with, but I feel most comfortable with. It's what we decided, for now. And we'll see what happens. (You know, aside from the three mornings she's thrown a fit asking for it after getting out of bed.)

In other news, it's spring here, evidence by the fresh snowfall we got this past week. Snow the second week in April really shouldn't shock me, but, oh my goodness, gross. I am currently one of many complaining about the weather, constantly. And I still really wouldn't mind moving to San Diego.

The girls don't seem too concerned, except that they had to go back to wearing their "puffy coats" again. But they're hearty Minnesotans with their no-socks and sleeveless dressing choices. Hope even ran from the car to the house in bare feet on Friday. Yes, bare feet through the snow.

On the plus side, I was encouraged to pull out the last of the frozen cookie dough in my freezer so that we could have warm cookies after dinner tonight. And then I was sad that we each only got one cookie (okay, I might've snuck the fifth cookie myself), so the girls and I made some modified monster cookies before bed. I might as well embrace the fact that the snow reminds me of winter and triggers my biology to bake and eat and put on fat. Nothing like cookies to help fatten me up.

On the list this week: more cookies (perhaps chocolate peanut butter) and homemade granola. Even my husband caught the spirit, or rather I caught the spirit from him, as he made homemade bread this afternoon. Bring it on winter! (Okay, not really, but I've gotta act tough otherwise I'll just curl up in a ball and cry in bed all day. Snow in April? Sheesh.)

And now I'm going to go check out in front of the television and enjoy the last of my weekend. My five-year-old told me that her favorite day is Monday. I'm pretty sure she must've been switched at birth.


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