Apr 5, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Two (and a Pacifier)

Tomorrow, she is three. Three. Three.

And while I know she is growing into a beautiful little girl, she is still my baby. My sweet little baby.

I'm going to admit that, although she is turning three, she still uses as pacifier. Yes, yes, I know, I know. She's THREE (well, one day away from three) and still using a pacifier. I have no excuse, other than my oldest never had one, so I never had to worry about taking it away, and since Paige has always seemed like my baby, it just never was a big priority.

So the big day is this weekend, and we have been prepping her that after her birthday tomorrow, the pacifier is going bye-bye. (This momma thought it was too much to take it away on her actual birthday, because birthdays are for happy and celebrating, not for adjusting to losing a security item.) My husband is confident that it won't be horrible, simply because she also uses her belly as a security item too. But I've noticed the past few days that it goes nuki (what we call the pacifier) in first, touch belly next. I'm a little nervous that without the nuki she won't find her belly as comforting.

Oh and I've already admitted to letting my baby have a pacifier longer than recommended, and now I'm going to admit that I'm sad about taking it away. I am sad to say goodbye to the pacifier, and not because I'm worried about how she'll take it, it's purely because it means she's growing up (and I'm afraid she won't touch her belly as much and that is just so darn cute).

One day away from three. Three! And while that means so many wonderful and happy and fabulous things, it also feels so bittersweet. That bittersweetness of motherhood and babies growing up, which is what you want them to do, but is sometimes so hard too.


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