Feb 17, 2015

Battling Up a Mountain of Ill

I have been climbing up a mountain this week, with about twelve layers wrapped around me and big heavy boots weighing me down. I am struggling with each step, holding on as tight as I can, making extremely slow progress toward the top. There is a backpack stuffed full on my back and I'm dragging a sled behind me in the hopes that once I get to the top there will be an opportunity for at least a little bit of coasting.

This past week I have been sick, hit with something that slowly and progressively grows each day. I was hopeful that today was the day I would reach the peak, but there's an inkling of what might be a sinus infection teasing me, which means I'm probably not going to get to ride on my sled soon after all.

It is 'only' a cold, which makes me feel like I should be able to stay on top of things and do it all, which is pretty funny because even when I'm feeing well I don't try to do it all. In fact, I'm pretty much eight months behind on everything, and I'm refusing to care because I have a baby that I am enjoying. Plus, I know that as she gets older I will eventually be able to do a little bit more and keep up a little bit better.

It stinks being sick and having kids to take care of, though. I just want to baby myself and stay in bed and watch silly movies and drift in and out of sleep. I slugged out of bed this morning when we were supposed to be leaving to get Hope to the bus stop. And Paige played games on my phone all morning while Nora and I slept. (Thank goodness she slept.)

My body is worn down and my mind is exhausted. At least we have no where to be, so there's no need to change out of our pajama's any time soon, if at all. That is one good thing about being a sick Mama, today anyway. Nora and I will (hopefully) take another nap, Paige will watch a movie this afternoon, and no one will care that we aren't going anywhere or doing anything. And maybe all that napping will help me feel ready by the time tomorrow rolls around.

xoxo, christine

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