May 2, 2017

Sugarless May Day 2

Day 2 of no sugar is (almost) done.

Only 29 days to go. (Sad face.)

Day One was fine. I was feeling pretty motivated about this whole endeavor, so that kept me pretty upbeat and positive. To be honest, yesterday wasn't too difficult, although I'm under no illusion that it won't get significantly harder, and more painful. My coffee was pretty pathetic, half coffee half sugar, but I drank it. And, aside from making sure I didn't mindlessly lick a spoon or pop a piece of cereal in my mouth, it was, dare I say, an 'easy' day.

Nora woke up in the middle of the night last night, and when I went to her, I realized I was feeling a light-headed and dizzy. The dizziness lasted even after I went back to bed, which I figure is my body beginning to revolt at being denied sugar.

Luckily, this morning the dizziness had mostly subsided, although I still felt traces of it on and off all day, but I'm not assuming that this will be the end of my physical symptoms of sugar withdrawal. I have started to get a headache just tonight too.

Paige keeps telling me to just cheat and have some sugar. (Because apparently I was complaining a lot about it or something? Obviously that is totally an exaggeration. I have not been talking about it and being dramatic AT ALL.) I did remind her that even though I'm complaining some (ahem, a lot) this is something that I want to do. That (hopefully) it will be good for me and my body will (eventually) thank me.

I even managed to NOT eat ice cream when all three of my children had Dairy Queen tonight. I think I deserve a medal.


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  1. Give up sugar? Oh you're brave! And right after giving up Caribou for Lent?


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