May 30, 2017

Sugarless May, Day 30

No sugar update:

There is just over one more day left in the month of May, and just over one more day that I am 100% sugar-free. I wonder if perhaps my expectations were too high going into this month, because I really did think that by this time I would be feeling refreshed, energized, lighter, happier, less irritable, renewed, and all those positive wonder-womany things.

Instead, I find myself at the end of this month my usual amount of irritable (or more), not refreshed, not renewed, and still in definite need of naps as many days as possible. I am wondering if I did something wrong? Maybe I should have cut out fruit too? Or maybe sugar really hasn't been as much of an antagonist for me as I originally thought?

(Or maybe I need to give it more time? Of that I am skeptical.)

The one difference I can say is that my sugar cravings have decreased. They are most definitely still there, but most of the time at a lesser strength and vigor than before.

Even with the lack of one hundred eighty degree transformation, I still find myself a little reluctant to add sugar back in. Even though I most definitely want to add sugar back in. But it's been nice having the excuse of no sugar to keep myself from over indulging. And I don't know that I have the personal discipline to stop myself on my own.

Also, I've realized just how often we use food, specifically treats, to celebrate or treat ourselves or just because we feel like it. Wowzers.

Anyway, all in all, I suppose I'm still glad I did it. Even if it doesn't feel like there were any life-changing, wonder-woman, transformations. At least I know I can do it. And that's something to feel proud of, I guess.


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