Feb 28, 2012

A Broken Spell

The snow, it comes, in big fluffy flakes.  The sky gray and gloomy, the clean white snow a contrasting happy.  It pulls me both ways, into happiness and annoyance all at once.

My daughter looks so cute, all ready for spring.  She is happy and sweet and so full of energy.  And it is the energy that I struggle with.

Her quiet time was unsuccessful with coming in to check on me three times and an episode of spitting in our bed.  The time out, the no TV, does not seem to help.  And feels like a punishment for me while she climbs over the chairs, onto the table, and can not settle down.

She sticks her face in front of mine, excitedly asking "Can we go out in the snow?" and I feel myself, the annoyance rising as she asks again and again and again right in my face.  And then... I laugh.

The laughter spills out, surprising me.  And just like that, the spell is broken.

Her big blue eyes, her wide bright smile, are inches from mine and we are laughing together.

I am happy, and so grateful, because truly that could have gone either way, leaving us both crying or both laughing.

I am glad we are laughing.


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  1. Oh I love this. Yes, it can always always go either way, and there you were, laughing.

  2. Thank you. Yes, I'm always relieved when it ends with laughs instead of tears.


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