Feb 25, 2012

A Happy Heart

We are on the couch together, tucked under the blanket.  The quiet of the afternoon settles around us.  She smiles at me, pressing her fingers into my cheeks and asks,

You're happy, Mommy?

For a split second my heart breaks at the idea that she might ask me because she thinks I am unhappy most times.

Yes, Hopey.  I am happy.  Are you?

I'm happy too.

You know what I'm happiest about?  You, Paige, and Daddy.

And yourself.  She points to me.  And I am reminded that I have two little ones who need a positive example of a healthy self-esteem.

And myself, too.

I'm happiest about everybody!  She stretches her arms wide.  The whole world.

I squeeze her near me, my heart warming at her words.  I am filled with my love and her joy.

This is my happy.


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