Feb 22, 2012

How to Remove Pen from a Child's Coat

Step 1:  Let four-year-old use a pen unsupervised.

Step 2:  Notice pen scribbled all over the back of four-year-old's coat and have no idea how long it's been there.

Step 3:  Wait a few weeks.

Step 4:  Finally decide to try to remove the pen.

Step 5:  Spray with Shout. Scrub with toothbrush.

Step 6:  Pour on laundry detergent. Scrub with toothbrush.

Step 7:  Let sit for unknown amount of time.

Step 8:  Wash coat in washing machine.

Step 9:  Hope for the best.

Step 10:  Remove coat and rejoice.  Pen is gone!

Step 11:  Do not allow four-year-old to use pen again.  Until you do.

Step 12:  Repeat all steps.


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  1. Sounds like things are around here, too... ;) She is SO stinkin' CUTE!!!

    Stinky Cats

    1. Thanks! We'll keep her around, even with the runaway pen scribbles.

  2. Pens. We're banning them. Not that I can ever even find one around this house anymore.

    1. Isn't that the truth? Whenever I need one they're nowhere to be found (or all dried out), but when my four-year-old wants to scribble on non-paper surfaces? They're everywhere!

  3. She is so adorable. And? Hand sanitizer works every time ;).

    1. Aha! Hand sanitizer! I used that for pen on our faux suede couch but didn't even think of it for her jacket. Thanks!

  4. Hilarious and so true. Adorable little girl you have there :)


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