Jun 2, 2012

Weekly Joys [the third]

Project 365 Week 22

This week I am combining the images from Project 365 with Joys I have started documenting.  I know that neither of these are "popular" posts, but I like having the memories (in photo and word form), especially to share with my sister.


When talking about how families come in all different shapes and sizes (ie. some kids live with a mom and dad, two moms, etc.) the Big One chimed in with, And some with a Grammy and a puppy.  Do you think she's obsessed with dogs?

When the Little One presses her hands over her eyes and says, Where's me?

When I bought the Big One some vitamin gummy bears and her eyes lit up and she said, You're the bestest, Mommy... [pause]  And Daddy's the bestest too.

When the Little One says, Ehtooze me, as "excuse me."

How the Big One says, Oo-sually, instead of "usually."

How the Little One has started talking with her hands and shoulders in an "I don't know" position in emphasis.

How the Big One calls weeping willows, Hairy Trees.


These are the moments my heart expands in my chest, the moments Adam and I give each other a knowing look and smile, the moments of head-throwing laughs.  These are the moments I want to hold onto with love, the moments to remember with sweetness.

Thanks for letting me share them with you.


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