Aug 4, 2012

It's a Lovely Saturday

Ah, Saturday, one of my favorite days.  Made more wonderful by sharing some cinnamon rolls with friends, which I am about to do.

Saturday also means time for Project 365, of course.

Week 31

I think we went out for ice cream twice, if not three times, this week.  'Cause you never can have too much ice cream, right?  And of course there was an evening of limboing.  Adam and I might have been making up our own words to the song.  Also, a trip to the zoo and new butterfly house, and of course, playing outside in underwear and sparkly shoes.  Because what summer is complete without an adventure outside in an outfit made up of only "undies" and "parkly shoes"?

(Paige has been eager to wear underwear here, which does not equate to actually using the potty.)

And now it feels like a perfectly lazy Saturday.  The weather is cool enough to have the windows open, and it's raining, but not hard enough to have to close out the sweet breeze.

I'm going to go enjoy a cinnamon roll.  Happy Weekend, all!


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