Aug 19, 2012

Zzzz -- Sorry I Just Fell Asleep

Wow, I am tired.  Have I mentioned that once?  Or twice?  I know, probably about a hundred.  I've petty much been like this since we got back from New York.  Adam told me I have a pretty killer case of jet lag.  Which made me laugh and laugh.  You know, that whole one hour is hell to readjust to.

Week 33

The week was great.  The weekend was great.  And I'm kinda bummed it's over.  But that's nothing new.

Looking forward to a good week ahead.


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  1. I'm run down too. I am just not sleeping well at night lately. It finally kicks in around 6AM & then it's time to get moving. I would totally roll with the jet lag excuse if I was you. Just tell people you had about 3 layovers so it was a cheaper flight and a 1 hour trip turned into a whole day of travel. ;-)


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