Feb 11, 2013

I'm Counting Down the Days

Have I mentioned I'm going to New York? In an unexpected gesture, my parents gave me their extra miles for a free flight to visit my sister. I am more than thrilled at the prospect of chatting, giggling, coffee sipping, and general sister-bonding for an extended weekend.

At home I am finding myself already checking-out. With the anticipation of a weekend away I feel like I should have extra patience and stamina, yet instead I find myself dragging my feet and raising my voice and generally in a huffier mood than usual. (Which looking back is not that unusual for me. It's like any time I have an opportunity to anticipate some Christine-time to refresh, the anticipation also includes an impatience to just get away.)

I have a haircut scheduled for Wednesday, because well, obviously I need a fresh new look for The Big Apple (not to mention I've been wanting to get one for a month or so now, this trip just encouraged me to make the appointment). I am obsessing over my clothes like a junior high girl (which, funny to say, I'm not sure as a junior high girl I put this much thought into my clothes...maybe I shouldn't admit that?), and have already set items aside to pack. (I guess I'm just a long-term packer. I want to make sure that I have what I want to wear when I'm gone so instead of wearing it and then just making sure I do laundry a day or two before leaving, I just set it aside for a week so that it is ready right then and there.)

Anyway, this trip is my oxygen tank, and I am looking forward to it like it's my breath of fresh air during these winter months that get oh-so-long, even though the air won't necessarily be any warmer in New York than it is here. February seems to be a rough month, even though it's a short one, and I am getting that draggy cabin fever feeling a lot lately. Except my cabin fever is more of a laziness and lack of motivation to want to do anything but curl up inside the house and watch movie after movie after movie.

I'm counting on the buzz of New York City to reenergize me and make me return feeling strong and in charge. And, if it doesn't, at least I'll get a guaranteed four nights of non-interrupted sleep followed by long morning sleep-ins. As Ol' Blue Eyes says, "It's up to you New York, New York."


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