Feb 28, 2013

I'm Still Here

Tap. Tap. Is this thing on?

Blank stare. Blink. Blink.

Oh, hello there. Let me give you a minute to dust off your keyboard and reading glasses. I'll still be here.

I'm not really sure why my inspiration to write has been dwindling. I still want to, it's just that any time I think about writing a post I find my brain an empty shell, empty except for the numerous cobwebs that seem to have taken up residence.

(By the way, this whole lack of inspiration and cobweb thing seems to apply to other interests of mine as well, say, photography.)

And yet, while two things that I absolutely adore -- that I might even go so far as to call passions -- struggle to thrive and grow, I find myself deciding to take on new and sometimes random ideas.

Introduced to the blog 100 Days of Real Food, I have decided that now is a good time to start cutting out processed food and making more foods at home and from scratch. (Which, to be fair, isn't it always a good time to start eating more consciously? But it certainly does make for more work on my end.)

Also, Sarah from The Sunday Spill has started a Self Portrait Per Day project, which sounds like a fabulous idea to this mother who, while being photographed is not her favorite thing, really gets tired of having photos of everyone else and not herself. (I mean, I don't want my kids to grow up and be like, Why aren't there any photos of Mom? And have to either explain to her that 1) Mom wasn't a fan of how she looked so she never got in front of the camera or 2) nobody was there to take a photo with her in it. I am all about trying to embrace photos with me in them even though there are things about my physical appearance that are sometimes not what I want forever and ever in photo form.)

These ideas, or really projects, are not really that numerous (and I haven't even really committed to them or anything) and yet, my kids are getting baths about once per week, the laundry is constantly piling up, and our house is never clean. So, I do wonder, if I can't keep up with day-to-day on a "normal" basis, why in the world do I find it necessary to add more work to that? (Because eating healthy should always be a priority and taking photos is actually something I enjoy and want to expand on?)

All this to say, well, I don't know what this is all to say. Maybe life is always about trying new things and finding ways to incorporate what's important to you and what you enjoy. And sometimes that means other things you enjoy don't get as much of the time you might want to give it. Or maybe I'm just not taking the time to give my writing the priority I want it to have.

But I'll keep trying. Just like I'll keep trying to improve my photography and change our eating habits. And just like I'm sure new and sparkly things will distract me and interest me and tempt to try other new things, too. And that's all okay with me.

Just taking some time to enjoy the snow this past weekend.


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