Jan 26, 2012

I Love Her Buddha Belly

Paige is a belly girl.

Unlike her momma, who you couldn't pay today to show off her tummy (and probably never could have), she is all about lifting her shirt and giving a peek.

I'm pretty sure I remember Hope being interested in bellies at this age too.  Lifting up shirts, touching momma's tummy, sticking fingers in daddy's belly button, giving and receiving giggle-inducing raspberries. (Although when she does the giving it's more likely to involve some sort of spitting on the stomach.)

But this girl, she goes beyond the normal belly love of twenty-two-month-olds.

She is obsessed.  With her own belly.

Her little buddha belly.

We can not put a onesie on this girl because she needs all-access to touching her tummy.  The few times I have put one on her (you know, because it's winter, it's cold, and an extra layer might keep her warm) we had to leave it unsnapped and hanging out.

Those cute footie pajamas for kids?  We have about four pair from when Hope was this age.  We tried them with Paige a few times.  She is not a fan.

It is not just her sweet buddha belly that she loves to touch.  She is enraptured with her adorable outie belly button.  Throughout the day you can find her touching, pinching, and pulling on it.

Apparently it soothes her.  She falls asleep with her hand on her belly, pinching her little belly button.

And if she can not get her hand onto her bare belly she gets frustrated and says, "beh-yee, beh-yee, beh-YEE" until she can.

I have to admit, I love it.  I find her little round tummy with her belly button poking out about the most adorable and wonderful thing ever.  And the fact that she loves it, and rubs it, and pulls on it to self-sooth just makes me love it even more.

Like Paige, I can not get enough of her "beh-yee".

I will always remember her toddler love and need for a bare tummy.

Let's just hope that belly shirts don't make a come back when she's a teenager.


  1. Awww, this is super cute. I wish I was just as enamoured with my own buddha belly, but me, not so much..I want it GONE! Hers is adorable.

    Just wanted to let you know I've awarded you with The Liebster Blog Award. You can pick it up on my blog. :)

  2. So sweet, don't you love the belly? My 2 y/o has it too, even though he barely eats a thing. I love it.

    1. Aw, yes. Always love a baby tummy, even when it turns into a toddler tummy!


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