Feb 5, 2014

I Be Crazy Up in Here

Clearly, I am not in my right mind because, this:

And yes, I let it happen. Paige (who, I remind you, is not even four) and I went to the mall. She just had to bring her money, all five dollars, so that she could buy something. Here I am thinking there's no way she's going to find something for five dollars. But she did.

A gigantic lollipop. (NOT a sucker, Mo-om, as I was told numerous times.)

I debated for probably ten seconds before deciding. What the hell, might as well let her get the color-dyed-cavity-stick. We set down a few ground rules (like that she does not get to eat the whole thing in one sitting, or even one day, for that matter) and it was done.

Of course, my favorite part was when she grabbed a second one to buy for her sister so that they both had one. My three-year-old used her own money for her sister, without me saying anything. (Heart. Melt.)

But yes, obviously I am in need of a break as clearly if I was I was in my right mind this would've never happened.

Looking forward to a calm afternoon ahead. (Yeah, right.)

xoxo, christine

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