Jan 29, 2014

Pardon Me, Do You Happen to Have Some Super Glue?

We seem to be falling apart over here. Not literally, of course (at least I don't think), but Hope has been kicked in the face with a horrible cold and cough. With her illness and all the days the school closed due to severely cold weather, she's been to class about twice since the new year. Which might be a bit of an exaggeration, but not much.

And Paige is now developing another cold. (You may remember she had one from about Thanksgiving until just a few weeks ago.) At night I can hear their deep congested breathing and sporadic coughs and I have no idea if it's the six-year-old getting better or the three-year-old getting worse.

Up until last night, my legs had not seen a razor since before Thanksgiving. ::Gasp::Shock::Eww:: I know, right? I hadn't shaved my legs for over two months. I'm a little in awe myself, to tell you the truth. And you know the static electricity that comes with winter? How your hair gets all crazy on the top of your head? Well, I'm here to confirm that if you let your leg hair grow long enough, those bad boys will be able to electrify a small city. I'm pretty sure I cleared Target of all their razor inventory to get this under control.

Also, this just in, our toilet is clogged and the usually couple of plunges doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Which is excellent news since this is our only toilet. And it's winter. And I have to pee right now. (And it isn't actually excellent news if you didn't catch that bit of sarcasm.)

On the plus side I'm wasting exponential amounts of time researching warm places we could go for several days over spring break. At this point I have no desire to do anything but find a place that is 1) warm  and 2) has an outdoor pool. I don't care if there are fun places to go, interesting things to see, or kid friendly activities to do. Just get me somewhere warm enough for my kids to swim and I will go. Seriously.

Oh, and also? I have a sinus infection. Because, well, of course.

So far Adam seems to have made it unscathed. I'm really hoping we continue this trend as we all slowly work our way back together. You know, since we're falling apart.

But the toilet? That's not lookin' so good. (If there's knocking at your door tonight, it's just me, stopping by to use your bathroom. Thanks.)

xoxo, christine

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