Mar 5, 2014

Five Things I Should Give Up for Lent

1.  Making commitments due to guilt. Feeling guilty about things I am doing. Feeling guilty about things I am not doing. Actually, I should just give up guilt altogether, but oh-so-impossible because the Catholic Guilt is strong in this one.

2.  Procrastinating. (Facebook. Email. Facebook. Buzzfeed. Huffington Post. Facebook. Candy Crush. Facebook.)

3.  Sleeping in. But my bed is so comfy and we just moved our furniture upstairs and it's like a cozy retreat and I'm just going to close my eyes for a few more minutes....zzzz

4. Not shaving. So basically I should give up being hairy. It's about time to start keeping up with these things...m'kay? Of course, given my Yetiness, it will probably take all forty days just to get this situation under control.

5. My sanity. I hear that sanity is highly over-rated anyway, so I might as well let go of any last remaining shred I had and be free. Here's to insanity!


What am I really going to give up for Lent, you may be wondering? I suppose I should get that figured out today. Until I decide I better not do anything, think anything, or eat anything. Don't want to start these forty days with a failure.

xoxo, christine

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