Mar 27, 2014

Might as Well Just Get Myself a Typewriter

It's hard to imagine, in this technological age, that Adam and I ever lived without a computer, but the truth is, until about five years ago we did. Our first computer purchase together (because my parents had gotten me one in high school, that I dragged to college, that eventually died) was when I was home with Hope and desperate for something aside from the television to keep me company with a baby that never talked to me.

After putting a lot of thought and research into it, we decided on a Mac laptop. One that we loved from the start and that has survived numerous falls onto tile floor. It is, in fact, the computer I type this on now.

Five years doesn't seem like that long, but apparently for the life of an electronic it is ancient, as I have recently found out some rough news. There are web sites that our old web browser can no longer support and in my search to update our web browser I learned that OUR COMPUTER IS TOO OLD TO SUPPORT A NEW WEB BROWSER.

Do you realize what this means? I can't even update the software on our computer because our computer is too old to support it.

I do understand that this is a first world problem and all, but, really!? I have to buy a new computer in order to use certain websites? Lame. (And, most likely not going to happen.) What makes me especially frustrated is that I used a free photo editor website to make collages and edit photos and that is one of the sites that no longer works.

But, aside from buy a new computer, what else can I do? Just complain and complain and post fewer pictures and never update the photo at the top of this here blog. (Life is hard, I tell you.) I'm sure that I will get over it... someday.

Just not today. I'm going to spend a little more time being annoyed first. (You can find me pouting in the corner.)

In other news, tomorrow (after school) is the start of Spring Break which I've decided means it's actually going to start feeling like spring around here. I will totally ignore the fact that snow was falling today, and focus instead on the rain beforehand that melted some of the massive snowbanks still lingering.

Happy Spring!

xoxo, christine

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