Mar 20, 2014

"Just" A Cold

I have been sick this week. Not pregnancy-related sick, but just sick. Which is good? bad? both? neither? I'm not entirely sure. Although if I was nauseated I could at least take something for it. This cold is actually kicking my butt.

I've had many colds this past year, most of which turned into painful sinus infections, but this cold is painful in a different way. It has completely drained any and all energy I might have possessed. My nose is simultaneously dripping like a leaking faucet and yet plugged up like a drain that won't go down. Although I don't have a fever my body aches feel hit-by-a-truck worthy, while every time I get up to do something I am left breathless.

Today is better, which is good because after a day and half (I know, only a day and half? I'm such a whiner), I wasn't sure how much more of this I could take.

The girls, to their credit, have been good and mostly well-behaved. They've been pretty independent, with some bopping in and out of my room. The television and my mom have been life-savers, providing a lot of distraction and help.

I am still far from myself though. After feeling a bit better this morning, I think I pushed myself too far and am quite ready for a long rest in bed. Luckily, Paige just set up a "secret hideout" in our bedroom and is currently hidden away while enjoying a few games on the iPad.

Pretty sure that's my cue to close up shop and take a siesta.

Sending healthy wishes to all!

xoxo, christine

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