Apr 21, 2015

Baby Yoga

My baby girl, she likes to practice yoga while she nurses. The stretching and the pulling and the twisting and foot-grabbing, it's like a whole yoga sequence in those few minutes of feeding. I guess she likes to nourish her body while she's nourishing her body.

Her standard move is what I like to call Foot Drumming, when she lays flat against me stretching one leg straight while grabbing the opposite foot in her hand. She swings that leg in a back and forth rhythm, banging her foot against my abdomen.

Both my older girls practiced calisthenics while nursing too, but Nora seems to be taking it to a whole new level. The basic elementary poses are just not cutting it for her flexible little body and she is on to the advanced positions.

Her newest position, Cheek Tickle, starts much like before with one leg straight and the opposite foot in her hand, but then the foot gets pulled up to her face, tickling her cheek with her toes. I've even seen her get her toes all the way to her ear.

So basically, my little bendy baby has her whole body extended with one leg straight and the other leg pulled all the way up so that her toes are touching her cheek. Cheeky baby. (See what I did there?)

I can tell you, she did not get her flexibility from me. Must be courtesy of her daddy, the former goalie.

Nursing a baby who is not staying still is not always fun, but oh my goodness it is pretty hilarious right now, I just can't help but find it adorable. Especially when I look down at her big blue eyes looking back at me with her toes resting on her cheek.

Keep on yogaing my sweet baby.

xoxo, christine

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