Apr 5, 2015

My Computer Almost Died, but Then It Didn't

Our computer died this week, so I fully intended to clink out a little post finger by finger on my iPhone. I was minorly worried about losing all the information and photos on our hard drive. Actually, it was really the thousands of photos because, I am a photo person and to have those gone makes a little (okay, big) part of me die inside. But. BUT, I did not let myself think about it too much because I was pretty sure (and hopeful) that it was something to do with our charging cord and nothing to do with the computer itself.

It was the cord. And my Apple savvy father donated a cord for us so that we could have our computer for the few days it takes us to get out to get a new one. Not that we can't go a few days without a computer (we could, I swear, but only because we now have smart phones. We might've perished with the inhumanity if we still had our old phones AND no working computer). Anyway, thanks Papa.

Crisis averted. Photos in tact.

But, our computer is pretty old for a computer. A whole six years (gasp!). So, this little hiccup made me realize that perhaps I should do something about the thousands of photos on my computer that are here and only here and not backed up and I perhaps would be DEVASTATED to lose. What can I do about it? (No really, I'm asking you.)

Not to mention the gazillons of photos take up all the space on our hard drive. It's pretty terrible, actually.

Anyway, blah blah blah. Computer, shomputer. Technology, shmechnology. Apparently my lack of access to the computer has really taken my pointless ramblings up a notch.

Other people can write poetically about the symbol of Easter today, I'll just bore you with a story about my nonworking (but now working) computer. My computer was reborn! Hah! I brought it back to Easter! See? I can be symbolic too! (Although I'm kinda wondering if comparing the death and rebirth of my computer is blasphemes, is it? Obviously I know that Jesus rising from the dead is the important thing here. I promise.)

Clearly this post is going down hill fast. Thanks computer, for not eating all my photos. I'll make an appointment at the Apple Store asap.

xoxo, christine

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