Dec 15, 2011

Away in a Manger

The mother is on her knees, one hand over her heart.  The father stands above, leaning on his staff.

The baby is apart from it all, face down, his bare bottom exposed.

This, is our nativity scene.

Two sheep are laying on the floor, the others piled high in the pen.  There is a camel in the background, looking amused.

And two children sit precariously close to the edge, ready to fall off the table.

An angel looks over them all.

Our nativity scene.

Jumbled up, mixed around, unorganized.  Loved by little hands.


I love our Fontanini Nativity.  I'm not exactly sure what the characters are made of (plastic?), but they look nice, not cheap, and are child-friendly.

We have this set because we want our kids to be able to play with our nativity scene and not worry about a sheep losing a leg, Mary losing her arm, or baby Jesus losing his head.

Another bonus?  We started a tradition of getting a new figurine each year.


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  1. Oh that totally sounds like our house. Our Christmas decorations are taking a beating this year. My mom gave my son her collection of Nutcracker dolls... bad idea.

    1. We have a nutcracker ornament that falls apart every year. After being reglued multiple times.

  2. This looks like the exact same nativity scene that we had growing up! My daughter helped set up our nativity set this year...not how I would have done it, but she was so proud! :)

  3. I love this...nice pics and post :)

    hi from mk's

  4. So cute! I can totally see this happening in our house.


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