Dec 24, 2011

A Magical Moment

Yesterday, it snowed.

I think mother nature heard my plea.

It was just a light dusting, and is pretty much gone today, but for a few minutes the girls and I ran outside to enjoy the winter magic.

Yes, I just put them in their boots, hats, and mittens.  It's been that kind of winter.

And then we all went inside.  Some willingly (Hope was the first in the door -- I think the lack of coat was getting to her), some not-so-willingly (that would be Paige).

But everyone was happy when I pulled out the mugs and whipped up some hot cocoa, with marshmallows of course.

To be honest, it's been one of my favorite "holiday moments" this whole season.  More happy and delightful than any shopping, movie watching, present wrapping, or even holiday baking.

The girls were so excited and joyful.  I was so excited and joyful.  And not just because of the snow.  It was the feeling we all had.

I did not worry about the girls getting snow on their clothes, how much cocoa they drank, or filling their stomachs with marshmallows before lunch.  Yesterday, it was only about the relaxed and fun memories we made.

And I wish the same for all of you.

May this holiday season and weekend, be filled with many happy, joyful, fun, and relaxing memories and moments!

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