Dec 19, 2011

Feeling the Season

I am sitting in the living room, just the glowing Christmas tree lights the space.

It is quiet.  A very welcome quiet.  A quiet the surrounds me with softness and warmth.

I close my eyes and listen.  I can hear the heat humming through our vents.  And the faint murmur of the TV upstairs.

Everyone is is bed.  The girls are snuggled under blankets, (hopefully) dreaming of baking cookies and new memories made.  Adam is unwinding, most likely in front of a news or sports show.

And me.  I am here.  I am taking this quiet moment for myself.

I take a deep breath in and smell evergreen.  I love having a real tree.  I study the tree, the lights, the ornaments.  And I think, this is good.

I have felt my holiday spirit has been lacking.  But maybe I have been too preoccupied to see it, to feel it.  I thought that squeezing and cramming in as many holiday traditions as possible is what I needed to experience the season.

But this, this is what I need to soak up some holiday magic.

Just a quiet moment.  Followed by a feeling.  That reminds me about the peace and love I am surrounded with.  In my living room.  In my home.  In my world.



  1. sounds like we've been experiencing and feeling the same missing spirit and both of us spent the evening surrounded by quiet to enjoy it ;)

  2. I am stopping in from Just Write

    " But maybe I have been too preoccupied to see it, to feel it."
    Love this line, we all find ourselves glad you had this moment

  3. I dread the day my nursing baby is in her bed and my boy is off at college, instead of in my lap and up in his bed. I cherish the tree light moments, but they change so quickly over the years!

  4. Yes, this. Peace first.

    {This is lovely.}

  5. This was perfect for me to read tonight. I have been having a pity party this week when I should be enjoying & counting my blessings. This post made me feel like you were speaking to me & reminding me to do the same.
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Hope everyone managed to have a joyous holiday! And got into the spirit!


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