Mar 16, 2012


Sometimes I have irrational worries about my health.

A horrible headache caused by a brain tumor, or diarrhea caused by colon cancer.

The fear usually disappears as quickly as it comes, right after my symptoms are relieved.  Perhaps I have some hypochondriac tendencies.

This week it was my heart.  I had a two day long heart attack.  Which means I had the longest heart attack in history.

(Or, perhaps I don't understand the specifics of heart disease. Which also explains why a moment of upper back pain led to me fearing my demise via a heart attack.)

My husband thinks that my body is trying to deal with the stress of Monday.  I think he is one smart man.

The one benefit from my irrational fears these past couple days?  I am feeling even more grateful for my life, my two girls, and my husband.

I mean, really grateful.  The kind of grateful filled with patience and joy and appreciation of all the little moments.  My heart is exploding with love for my family.

So maybe not a heart attack after all.

Just a heart, over-flowing with love.

Playing their "guitars"


  1. Overflowing love, is good.

    (Someone who loves your heart so much to take care of you, also good.)

  2. The best kind of attack to the heart :) Have a lovely, happy, giggles full weekend.


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