Mar 26, 2012

I Really Need to Acquire the Taste for Wine

I think I need a little wine with my whine.

Or at least, that would be appropriate if I actually liked wine.  Which I wish was the case because some nights all I want is to enjoy a nice, full glass.  Or I think I would like this, as my daydream of wine drinking is quite luxurious and grown-up.  You know, big round glasses of the red stuff.  Unfortunately, I have not acquired the taste for wine.

Not to be confused with whine, because I seem to enjoy that all too much.

Consider yourself warned.

I have been so crabby.  I don't know where it comes from, but I certainly know where it goes, directly in the path of my husband or children.  Because, you know, they so deserve to be snapped at on a regular basis.

Of course they don't actually, which just makes things worse because on top of my crabbiness I am regularly filled with guilt.

But I'm annoyed.  I have an over-all feeling of general annoyed-ness.

So then when little annoying moments come, they are masked as big moments because my threshold for annoying things is significantly diminished.

You know, like having to make dinner with a toddler underfoot pulling out previously clean dishes that will then be added to the sink of dishes to clean which just is a never-ending pile because we don't have a dishwasher and oh my goodness it's so hard to be me.

And, the weather that has dared to become average after enjoying several days of extremely above average days with playing outside and no coats and warm and sun and oh how dare the weather do this to me because obviously it is personal.

Not to be left out, the annoying issue on blogger in which I thought I had word verification turned off only to realize I didn't, only to turn it off and to find out that it turns back on all by itself and I have turned this damn thing off over twenty times (I kid you not) and it turns back on by itself and I just want the stupid thing turned off permanently and it just. won't. do. it.

:: deep breath ::

(So, on a side note, I am sorry to anyone who has to fill out the word verification to comment on my blog.  I really am working on getting that off.  Forever.)

And now I will leave you with a picture because after my whiney rant I feel like I at least owe you that.  A positive way to end, that is.

A serious conversation between sisters, one year ago - March 2011


PS.  I'm linking up with Heather and Elaine because, well, I just want to.


  1. We must be in the same general climate because we too are dealing with that snap back to cold after that summery tease.... Not fair!
    Also? The no dishwasher thing? You can whine about that incessantly and no one will judge!

  2. I love your run-on with the ending ".... and oh my goodness it's so hard to be me." LOL. I feel the same way sometimes. You know what I mean.

    p.s. glad I'm not the only one with the word verification issue!!

    thanks for linking up... :)

  3. Found you through Heather at the EO....this is the space to whine so that the wine will not call our name.....

  4. Sometimes just dumping it all out is way better than a glass of wine.

    I'm actually allergic to wine so I just go to a bowl of ice cream ;-) Try good!!!

  5. And THIS! This is why we all blog :)


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