May 18, 2012

The Busy and the Quiet

We stepped off the train and I felt the energy around me.  Not the city when I usually visit on a weekend, this city had a definitive pulse.  Alive with corporate lunchers, busy shoppers, and food vendors.

I could tell she felt it too.  Her eyes were wide and there was a skip in her step.  Which one is Daddy's?  I pointed and she smiled in awe.  That big one?  Wow.

We walked hand in hand.  She was light and happy, eager to make our lunch date.  And in the middle of the street her grin multiplied as he scooped her up into a hug.

Lunch, just the three of us, a rare and special occasion.  And then another treat, a stop at the candy store for some saltwater taffy.  Distraction for the trip home.

Back on the train, the hum of the city quieted.

Sometimes the busy is fun.  Sometimes it makes me feel Alive.  And sometimes I crave home.  Where the quiet can come.  The quiet makes me feel Alive too.

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