May 21, 2012

Joys (again)

Last week I shared a few moments of joy brought to me by the girls.  And because these are sweet things that I want to remember, I want them to know, and I want to share with those who do not see us regularly, I am doing it again this week.


When Paige makes a request from Dairy Queen for "silly bars" (instead of Dilly bars).

When Hope asks to sit on my lap during their bedtime stories.

When Paige says, I like broccoli.  And proceeds to actually eat said broccoli.  (One of my children actually likes vegetables! Wahoo!)

When Hope requests my goodnight song while being tucked in.  (I made it up when she was a baby to sing away her cries.)

When every time we see an airplane Paige says, Ah-pane!  We see Auntie Liz, Mommy? Because she knows this summer we will be flying out and visiting her auntie.

When the girls wake up in the morning and Hope climbs into Paige's crib and they read stories together.


These are the joys that make my heart swell.  These are the joys that I feel like I will remember forever, but I know could be forgotten in the passing of time.

These are the joys that are mine.

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  1. These are definitely worth documenting. Having a little one with a disability, I totally understand that it's the little things that make life precoius.

  2. I love that you are posting about these "small" but so amazing things. These ARE the moments we really want to remember. xo

  3. These are such sweet sweet joyful memories. You are so right - these are memories to capture and treasure. Your girls are beautiful!!


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