May 26, 2012

Two Weeks in One

I missed Project 365 last week, not that anyone was complaining.  I don't think I was still too sick, or too busy, or too bored.  I think it just kind of slipped away from me.  In any case, because of that, here are a few glimpses into the past two weeks.  You know, ones that I may or may not have already written about or shown pictures from.

Week 20

Week 21

By the way, on our first day of the long weekend, Adam and I had a nice day-long date.  Painting the trim upstairs.  Two weeks worth of painting (if he does it alone during the week) done in one Saturday. A big Thank You to my parents for watching the girls all day.  And would you mind watching them again soon so that we can get another date.  Preferably, one that doesn't involve grubby clothes and house work?

Happy Weekend all!


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