May 15, 2012

Joys from The Big One and The Little One

When the big one peaked her head in the door on Sunday morning and whispered, Happy Mother's Day, Mommy, and closed the door and let me sleep longer.

When the little one says, You Kiss-teen, Momma?  You Kiss-teen?  Yes Paige, my name is Christine.

When the big one put a stuffed animal in her bag and gave it to me as a gift (to borrow) just from her to me on Mother's Day.

When the little one wears her sunglasses inside: during church, or her sister's gymnastics, or class.

When the big one tells me, I will always want to sit on your lap, even though I know there will come a time when she won't.

When the little one lifts her arms to the sky and says, Stah-baaaah-dee and giggles.

When the little one called to her sister from the top of the slide, Catch me, Hopey!  And the big one held out her arms and said, Okay, Paige.  I'll catch you.

These are the joys that fill my heart.


  1. How sweet! I have one who wears sunglasses often - everywhere - so I can especially appreciate that. ;) Love the animal in the bag - melts my heart!

  2. Oh my heart. My heart. Love this so much.


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