Nov 28, 2011

Christmas Through the Eyes of a Three-year-old

Sometimes, I can pat myself on the back for my parenting and imparting wisdom skills.

Like when Adam and Hope came home from the grocery store and Adam told me that he let Hope pick out candy for herself, and she suggested bringing something home for Paige too.

And then there are those other moments.

Like tonight when we watched "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."  (Not the creepy Jim Carrey one, but the cute and classic Dr. Seuss cartoon.)

While we watched, I explained to Hope that the Grinch took all the decorations and presents from Whoville, but the Whos were still able to be happy and celebrate Christmas.

I told her that Christmas is about more than presents.  That Christmas is about love and peace and goodwill to man, and after I ended my "teachable moment," but before I could pat myself on the back, she asked,

"But Mommy, how can they have Christmas without presents and a tree?"

I just might have a bit more teaching to do...


  1. We are doing through the same thing. As much as I try my kids only seem to associate Christmas with presents. Someday...


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