Nov 11, 2011

My Extraordinary Elisabeth

I have the best sister in the world.  No, really.  I do.  (I will fight you on this one.)

Here are just a few reasons she is awesome:

1.  In high school she would help me with my math.  That alone is nice, but I would get all mad and frustrated because I did not understand algebraic equations (or whatever it was).  And during my frustration I would yell at her and be crabby and rude (shocking, I know), and she would just calmly look at me and say, "I am happy to help you.  When you're ready for my help come get me."  Then she'd just walk away.  (Talk about patience!  I can pretty much guarantee that if she had been the one yelling at me I would've yelled right back.)

2.  When I was going through a rough time she was there for me, even though she was physically over a thousand miles away.  I knew I could call her any time of night.  In fact, I think I called her at two or three in the morning once.  Or twice.

3.  She snuggled in my bed with me at night.  Not just when we were little, but even into high school and college.  (And I am a serious snuggler.)

4.  My children adore her.  I think that Hope is convinced that when Auntie Liz comes to visit she is coming to be Hope's personal playmate for the weekend.  And, in a way, she is.  She lets Hope pull her from one thing to another.  She gets down on the floor with the girls.  She even lets both Hope and Paige play with her iPhone and/or iPad.

5.  Well, we are basically twins.  Okay, not really.  We are actually three years apart, but even into our teens we'd have strangers in Target ask us if we were twins.

 She is really one of the most patient, compassionate, sincere, loving people I know.  She is my Wibef, my Twiny, my other half, my love.


  1. What a sweet post! How lucky to be so close and have each other.

  2. MY extraordinary sister! You are such an incredible person and mother--I admire and love you so much! (...and by the way, flattery will not get you a sip of my Mint Condition - ok...maybe a sip! :)

  3. What a nice tribute! How lucky you both are...


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