Nov 29, 2011

Waiting for the Sandman

I snuggle into bed, my body exhausted from the full weekend.

And yet...

And yet, I can't fall asleep.  My body aches and is desperate.  Desperate for the soft sheets, for the fuzzy blankets curling around me, for the peace, for the quiet, for the relaxation after a day and weekend of go go go.  With every breath I feel a new muscle start to relax.

And yet...

And yet, my mind won't stop.  It is buzzing and humming.  A noise I can not turn off.  Thinking about a playdate scheduled for the week, about clothes that need to be organized, laundry that needs to be folded, Christmas presents already bought and those still needing to be purchased, the grocery list, the bank account, a doctor's appointment.  It will not end.

I try rolling over, a new position.  But my line of vision includes the clock and I can only watch it tick forward, noting the precious minutes of sleep I am not getting.  I try listening to the heat kick on, hoping an outside noise can drown out the noise in my head, but it only reminds me of the dryer downstairs, that is currently working on a load that will need to be folded in the morning.

I think my thoughts will never stop.

And then, a doze.  In a jolt, I realize my thoughts were silent.

My mind is finally understanding what my body has been begging for since the beginning.  Sleep.

And finally, it comes.

Paige, enjoying some zzzzs (May 2010)


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