Nov 2, 2011

I Will Remain Calm...

When I went out to New York for a long weekend, the only thing I wanted to do was walk around, absorb the city, and hang out with my favorite sister. On the last day, I jokingly told my sister I should’ve said the only thing I wanted to do was see a famous person.  (Okay, so I was only half joking.  I mean, c’mon.  How neat would it be to share a bench in Central Park with Jennifer Aniston?)

Well, apparently I don’t need to go out to NYC to see someone famous.  I don’t even have to be on the East Coast.  Or on any coast, for that matter.  That’s right.  I saw someone famous here.  In Minnesota.  At my church.  It wasn’t Jennifer Aniston, but someone I have an equally big girly crush on.  Nicole Curtis from DIY Network’s Rehab Addict.  (If you don’t know who she is or what she looks like, you can find her here.  Cute, right?)  I can not tell you how nerdily excited I was to see her sitting across from me.  I desperately wanted to run over and ask for an autograph, a picture, maybe even if she’d like to be my new best friend.  According to my husband though, church is not the place to bombard someone, no matter how big your crush is.  I had to settle for sneaking a few glances every now and then.

But maybe next week I can nonchalantly position myself next to her so that we can shake hands during the sign of peace.  Because that’s totally casual and normal, and not stalkerish at all, right?

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  1. Totally not stalkerish! (I love your new blog, by the way :)


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