Nov 16, 2011

...In Which I Tell You of My Marker Love

I love markers.  I love their ease of use and bright, vivid colors.

I love that when Paige was younger the only thing she wanted to do was take the caps off all the markers and in the process got it all over her hands and clothes.  I love that said markers were left on the floor to either be stepped on and/or to dry out.

I love that when Hope colors over and over in one spot, the marker makes a hole in the paper and leaves a funky colored mess underneath.

I love that Paige now wants to color with marker on any and all surfaces.  Paper?  Sure.  Table?  Why not?  Refrigerator?  Super!  Kitchen floor?  Awesome.  (And I love that Hope somehow thinks it is a good idea to join in.)

I love that even though they say "washable" the girls are left for multiple days with multicolored tattoos after each use.

Yes, markers are pretty great.

They produce this:

and this:

So all sarcasm aside, I guess I really do have some fondness for markers.  Because I love the fun and joy they give my girls.  (Even if it means a little more clean up all around.)

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