Nov 7, 2011

Her Love

Paige loves food.

I mean, she really loves food.  If she sees food, she wants it.  If it’s mealtime, she wants it.  If she’s just eaten, she wants it.  If someone else is eating, she wants it.  Paige upset?  Just give her a snack.  Avacado, fish crackers, chicken, blueberries, cheese, frozen peas, she’ll eat just about anything.  The way she eats, you’d think we never feed her.

Imagine my surprise when, after I gave her a cheese stick, she asked, “Oh-pee?”  For a confused moment, I just looked at her as she frustratingly gestured, stomped her feet, and said, “Oh-PEE?” more urgently.  I finally realized she wanted a cheese stick for her big sister (Hopey).  And, I had an even bigger shock when she took the second cheese stick and actually gave it to Hope.

This has now become Paige's standard.  If she wants a snack or treat, she always has to make sure that Hope gets one too, asking, "Oh-pee?  Oh-pee?"

Yes, Paige loves food more than almost anything else.  But she loves her sister even more.


  1. So sweet! Don't you love those moments when you see the sibling love?

  2. Love the sibling love. Although I don't know how much love P would have for Hope if she had to actually SHARE her own piece. :)


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