Apr 18, 2012

Goodbye Dear Friend

Dearest Vacuum,

It is with semi-great sadness that we said goodbye to you this week.  You have been with our family from the beginning, purchased with money we received from our wedding.  Perhaps not the most romantic of gifts to give ourselves, your practicality won us over.

Although you were one of the cheaper models, you were in no way cheap, serving us for a good five and half years.  I think it was your violet hue that caught our eye that fateful day in Kohl's.

You have seen us through our first apartment, a move into a house, the birth of two children, and the chaos in it all.

My relationship with you might have been precarious -- filled with the joys of your ability to suck up all our messes, but my annoyance with having to clean up at all, plus you were a bit on the heavy side.  Still, you did good by us, and, up until the end, kept a lot of our secrets.  I am sorry I was not with you as you sparked your last breath and sputtered to an end.

Of course, it will not be the same without you, but we will move on.  And although we have no replacement for you yet, fear not, our house will not remain unvacuumed for long.  (After all, you know it can't, as we have carpet in our dining room and a two-year-old eating there.)  We will make you proud and find an easy, bagless, lightweight -- most likely, expensive -- vacuum to bring home.

Thanks for cleaning up our crap.

Christine and family


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